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Name: Chris Francis (Bulla)
Bike: Trailstar LT, ATX 1-DH and T-Rex
Click Here For Bulla's Bike

Name: Dave Francis (Dave)
Bike: V24, DH Extreme-8 and Flow
Click Here For Dave's Bike

Name: Andy Coulton (Barrels or Duh Buhsta)
Bike: 24Seven V24 and Club Roost DH8
Click Here For Barrels's Bike

Name: Stephen Golton (Steve)
Bike: Revell 250r and Specialized Demo 8
Click Here For Steve's Bike

Name: Ryan Flynn (Lanky McShin)
Bike: Flow Drift and Avent Vandal
Click Here For Ryan's Bike

Name: Olly Bloom (Boob)
Bike: Specialized P3 and Specialized Big Hit
Click Here For Olly's Bike

Name: Andy Carruthers (Spud or Roasty)
Bike: P1, Stinky and Chute
Click Here For Andy's Bike

Name: Alex Cubbage (Cubbage)
Bike: Balfa BB7
Click Here For Cubbage's Bike

Name: Robert Scarlett (Rob's in the army)
Bike: USB Molly Maguire
Click Here For Rob's Bike

Name: Tom Marshall (Cheesegrater)
Bike: Tank Zeus DH-2 and Alone Initiate
Click Here For Tom's Bike

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