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January 2018

Track News

Lets hope this page sees more updates through the month. Currently nothing to report track-wise.

Rider News

Not much riding done by Bulla yet. Work currently gets in the way of everything, but that's life I s'pose :)

Bike News

The ATX is coming together slowly. I hit a bit of a wall extracting the bearings, but managed to make progress today:

Four down, four to go!

This great, albeit expensive, little tool from Rapid Racer Products is purpose built to extract and press bearings into bike frames. You have to buy the tool itself (gold bits and screw thread) then buy the bearing presses separately. All in all for my 2 bearing sizes came to about 87. It was a struggle to get the old bearings out of the plates, but eventually I managed it. I also fitted 2 smaller bearings to the rear pivot. The last 4 bearings need some work.
Currently the allen key thread is stripped on 2 of the bearing caps so I'll need to force these off. Then I'll need to get some custom remade since I don't want stripped threads!

General News

Wow that was a long ass January. And now it's freezing!!!
Wishing my girlfriend Charlie all the best as she's off to start her new job in Canada for 6 months.


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